Welcome to The Monster Kid Club!

Monster Kid (noun);  a person of any age who grew up loving monsters, monster movies, and generally all things spooky.

Hosted by Buster's alter-alter ego, Dr. Zomboe, The Monster Kid Club is a wild and weird variety show unlike any other.  Take the TV horror movie hosts of the past (Vampira, Zacherley, Elvira...), add performances from some of LA's most amazing variety acts, toss in a few video clips from classic (and not so classic) horror movies, a comedy sketch or two, and do it all for a live in person audience.   The result is 80 minutes of spooky, kooky, creepy,  kitschy, stupid fun!

Our monthly show at the beautiful Bob Baker Marionette Theater is rated PG.  While we keep it clean (mostly), it can be a bit intense for very young audiences.  If your kids are not fans of monsters and spooky fun, they may want to skip this one.  But if you or your little ones identify as Monster Kids, this is absolutely the show for you.

Next Show is May 26th at 8pm

Our next show will feature Barry Under Your Bed. Karl Herlinger, Mary Misery, and Skeleton Sam from LVCRFT, plus Bob Baker Marionettes!

We will also has giveaways and prizes for a few lucky souls, plus our usual mix of classic monster movie and other video madness.


The Photo Crypt

March 25 2023

Our very first Monster Kid Club show!  Featuring Barry Under Your Bed, Chipper Lowell, Steffi Kay and Mysterion aka The Sentimentalists, Molly Renze as Patty Longlegs, Bob Baker Marionettes, and hosted by Buster as Dr. Zomboe.  Plus a special appearance by Kyra Gardener to talk about and share the trailer for her documentary Living With Chucky.  Night of comedy, magic, mind reading, puppets, weird video madness, and FREE BODY PARTS for EVERYONE!


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Welcome to The Monster Kid Club! We will let you know when our next ghastly get together is coming up.