Psychic Buster
The Eccentric Mentalist

Meet Psychic Buster

Hi!  I’m Buster, aka Psychic Buster.  And I’ve spent YEARS learning how to people.  That’s not a typo.

I grew up in an era when neurodivergency was not a consideration.  Kids like me with ADD, dyslexia, and other cognitive differences were just labeled as lazy, or not trying.  I didn’t even really know what those things were until I was well into my thirties.  And at almost 50 years old I discovered that I am also on the autism spectrum, which honestly was NOT a shock.  In fact it explained a lot.

In short, I’ve spent my entire life learning how to pretend to people.  How to pretend to be normal.  How to pretend that I fit in.  How to pretend that I understand, and how to connect in a world where I very rarely felt like I belonged.

And the way that I did that, was entertainment.   I discovered that comedy, magic, and art could melt away those differences and barriers and allow me to actually connect with people.

And that is how Psychic Buster was born.

Don’t let the name fool you.  I am NOT psychic.  I'm just a lovable neurodivergent weirdo, with a gift for connecting with people using a lifetime of skills.  And those connection skills create amazing moments.

Moments where thoughts and ideas seem to flow freely between myself and my audience, without either saying a word.
Moments where fate and freewill seem to collide in synchronicity, against staggering odds.
Moments of mind bending, reality breaking, impossibility.
Moments of uproarious laughter and comedy.
And moments of awe inspiringly deep human connection.

Because life is all about connection.  And it’s all about those moments when we do.

That’s what your guests will remember.  And that is exactly what I want to deliver to your event.  Whether performing for an intimate gathering or a crowd of hundreds, my performances have a universal appeal that will draw everyone in for an extraordinary encounter.  An event that will leave everyone in the crowd buzzing about it for years to come.

Or at the very least, it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun.

I would love to discuss bringing my unique brand of mentalism, magic, and weirdness to your next event.  Just smash one of those buttons below to start the conversation.